Dienstag, 17. Februar 2009


Ich habe meine Auftragsarbeit beendet. Das Kostüm für das Burgfräulein ist fertig.Hoffentlich freut sich Anastasia.

Auf Connies Blog haben sich einige zu meinen Siggies gemeldet:

Congratulations USCHI. I'm only at 40..was pacing myself! Yours look beautiful together with the different fabrics. Mine are all the same, so boring as a unit.

Oh Wow! Congratulations Uschi! What an inspiration to get these blocks completed.

They look lovely all lined up!

I've got all my blocks made and about 1/2 with the signature...

Oh my goodness, her blocks are so great. She has inspired me to sew some of mine today. :o)

Congrats Uschi! I am puttering along slowly but I will get them done. I am planning on doing some tonight.

Very nice and cheery! All those bright colors! Who put the nice little ladybugs and things on? Was that part of the siggy requirements or did Uschi do it herself? There seem to be different marks on different blocks... What is the connotation on those?

Jetzt widme ich mich mal meinen Swap Blöcken. Bea von Capricorn Quilt hat sie schon fast fertig, wow!

Bis bald Uschi

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